How about a teaser to get your belly excited?

Out of Control:


Have you ever sat and thought about how boring your life was? That was me, Chad Walker. I was sick and tired of coasting through my senior year so I decided to shake things up a bit.  I invited a set of demons into my life, and without knowing it I was in buried up and to my eyeballs. I  was unable to fight the temptation or the addiction and frankly, didn’t want to. My body needed more and I wasn’t strong enough to fight it. I preferred feeling strung out over living day to day. I had lost all control.

Until I met Alexa. Her smile almost pulled at my heart just enough to help me through the battle of my life. Almost…

Except, she doesn’t buy the story I am selling. She had been through it all before with her father. Alexa knew my actions before I did, pushing me away just as I was reaching for her, just barely hanging on with my fingertips. She swore she would never get involved with a person addicted to the one thing she would spend her life loathing.

Can an addict like me stop for the possibility of love?

Can I stop because I am better than that? Can I stop because my life depends on it?

Better yet, do I want to?


Teaser 2 no book


TBS 2017 in the books!! Fun as ever.

Traveling Bookshelf was my first signing when I first began my writing career. Every year, I plan to attend until Beth kicks me out. It feels like home. A signing yes, but also a huge girl weekend. Lets face it, mamas don’t get that very often. This year I needed it more than ever, to just listen and observe, and most importantly to smile and laugh. I felt like I was sick of thinking what I was thinking daily. I welcomed the change of scenery.

For those of you that I get to see yearly, thank you for being in my life.

For those of you that I just met this weekend, I look forward to many more times of seeing your gorgeous faces!

A lot of people think signings are for the readers. They get to meet the authors, buy books and see their book friends. But… as an author, when I see your faces and see that you want to read my stories it makes me remember why I write. Why I push myself when I want to throw the towel in.

So on behalf of all authors, thank you.

Because I write because of you.